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How Do We Sell (and How Do You Buy) Our Products?

It turns out that, as a tiny Washington State Craft Distiller, we’re allowed lots of flexibility in our sales, much more so than the major distillers. Some of these purchase opportunities are only available on Whidbey Island and vicinity, and some are Washington-State-wide.

Visit The Distillery in Clinton, Washington

I personally think the best experience (well, for us, anyway) is the distillery tour and tasting, with or without purchases. It’s fun, it’s free, and you get to see, touch, and taste every process in the distillery, although not everything is running all the time. In addition, you get to taste every product we make, while discussing, at whatever length you wish, the virtues and production of every spirit.

When visitors arrive, the first question we ask is, “Do you want to do a simple tasting, or do you want to do the
lecture, sales, and Q&A?” Except for our repeat visitors, the answer is always, “Let’s do it all.”

It’s a wonderful way to make friends, socialize, taste and sell great spirits, and learn stuff. That’s us learning stuff, but you can, too.

To tour the distillery, it’s always best to call ahead, 360 579 5632, to verify that we’re not in the office doing bookkeeping or out running errands. Tell us you’re coming, and go to the house/office at 8311 Sandy Hook Drive (LINK TO MAP), in the Sandy Hook community on Whidbey Island WA. You’ll know you’ve found us when you see the golf cart with the distillery sign.

At this point we all have to deal with one of the quirks of a tiny distillery, which is located at the end of a backyard easement dirt road. In our frequently moist climate that road can become easily damaged, so call us, and we either pick you up and bring you to the distillery, or just guide you. Even though the distillery is only about 200 feet behind the house, office, and golf cart, that 200 feet is just about straight down on the water, the reason for all this beam-me-up-scotty silliness.

Visit Our Tent at the Bayview Farmer’s Market at Bayview on Whidbey Island

The market is a great mixture of locals and tourists, the locals buying their weekly produce, bread, our liquor, and jams, and the tourists buying a little bit of everything.

From a legal standpoint, the state sees farmer’s markets in a different light from distillery tasting rooms, so at the market, sadly, “tasting” means smelling only. Of course, there’s also the traditional grappa test, which involves rubbing that spirit on the back of your hand, and THEN smelling, but it’s still just smelling (although I’ve seen some folks lick their hand afterward without arousing the authorities).

Like the distillery tastings, we can sell directly. There’s a lot of socializing at the market, with old friends and new, but that’s part of the fun.

Visit Our Retailers (see our retail list)

If you time it just right, you might visit one of the stores where we sell while we are doing a “dry tasting”, another Washington State euphemism for a “sniff, but don’t sip” procedure we are allowed to use while showing off our products in stores. When doing dry tastings, we five you the samples to sniff, and you buy the spirits directly from the store.

So far, our products appear in only Whidbey Island stores, with the very big exception of Total Wines and More.

Buy a Drink from One of Our Bar/Restaurant Customers (see the list here)

While several bars stock and serve our spirits, no single bar stocks all of our products. Ask about Cultus Bay Distillery liquors, and try a favorite drink when possible.

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Kathy Parks (360) 579 5632
Harry Sloan (206) 295 9551


8311 Sandy Hook Dr.
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